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LUISS Guido Carli


Joint Educational Program with Washington College of Law

The Joint Educational Program with Washington College of Law is a challenging opportunity for LUISS students currently enrolled in the fourth year of the LUISS single-cycle master’s degree program in Law. 

After its completion, LUISS students will obtain the Single-cycle Master’s Degree in Law issued by LUISS University and the LLM Degree issued by Washington College of Law (WCL).

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The students selected for the Double Degree will be registered at LUISS during their time at WCL and will continue to pay tuition fees at LUISS. Students will be exempted from paying tuition at WCL.

In order to earn the two diplomas, students will have to be in compliance with both their home and host universities' rules and conditions with regard to credits, attendance, deadlines etc.



Details regarding prerequisites for participation, the procedure to send documentation, the selection process, deadlines, and further information, are contained in the call for applications 2017.

Call for applications 2017

Fourth-year students

Study Plan

Requirements for LUISS students to earn the WCL LL.M.:

All students must complete the 24-credit program as proscribed by whichever in-residence LL.M. degree they choose. Students are required to take the following mandatory courses:

  • American Legal Institutions
  • Legal Research and Writing 

Individual programs may have additional required courses. This information will be shared with the student upon admission to the dual degree program. In order to remain in good academic standing, LL.M. students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 (a C average). All LL.M. students are required to complete either a Research Track or a Practical Skills Track. Students in the Research Track will complete a research paper in order to qualify for graduation. Students in the Practical Skills Track must complete an approved externship before graduating. 

More information

Administrative Fees: the full time student fees will be about $1,140 for the year (which includes an unlimited metro pass). In addition, the students will need to purchase health insurance for the year which should be $1,800. The insurance will cover them from August 2016 – August 2017.

Students can refer to the International Development Office ( – 06 85225511, by appointment) for administrative issues and to Professor Daniele Gallo  by writing to for academic issues.


Application deadlineEnd of April 2018 (TBC) 
Selection InterviewsTBC 
Selection ResultsTBC 
Confirmation of ParticipationWithin one working day 

While every effort will be made to provide students with complete, accurate and timely information, LUISS reserves the right to change, amend, modify or revoke the aforementioned program.

LUISS is not responsible for any cancellation or modification due to events beyond its control. If the program is cancelled or modified for these reasons, LUISS will inform all interested students in a timely manner.