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Double Degree with Fudan - DDIM

DDIM -Double Degree in International Management- with Fudan School of Management

The DDIM is a challenging two-year program for graduate students, entirely taught in English.

After its completion, students will obtain two diplomas: a Master’s Degree in General Management awarded by LUISS University and a Chinese Master’s Degree (Xueshi) in International Management awarded by Fudan University.

The programme is structured as follows: the first year is carried out at the prestigious Fudan School of Management in Shanghai, while the second year is carried out at LUISS.

Academic vision

The program develops specific knowledge in the areas of business management, financial analysis and competitive dynamics applied to companies and executive consulting firms operating at an international level. The major fields of study reflect the international focus of the program and the labor market segments where demand for highly specialized professionals is high.

The DDIM class and its academic staff is composed by both Chinese and Italian students and professors. Thanks to its high international exposure, DDIM students acquire a multicultural backgrounds with a specific Chinese perspective and a richer analytical approach essential for today’s global business world.

Graduates will be management professionals. They can qualify as specialists in management and control in private companies, especially relating to internationalization processes, innovation projects, financial operations and management in the luxury and fashion fields. They can hold a professional role in executive consulting firms and management tasks companies operating in industrial and service industries that are oriented towards high-end innovation and international growth.

Why Fudan SoM?

  • Excellent reputation
  • Top-ranked University in China
  • High-quality courses
  • Extensive scale of global cooperation (Harvard, Yale, University of California, MIT's Sloan School, Washington University  and other top Asian universities)
  • Deeply rooted school-enterprise collaboration
  • Strong sense of community
  • Outstanding academic research potential


Participation to the program is open to:

  • LUISS graduates in Economics.
  • All students  enrolled in the 3rd year of any Bachelor Program at the Faculty of Economics, graduating by July 2011.

15 slots available.

Admission Requirements:

  • Very Good knowledge of the English Language.
  • Obtainment of your LUISS bachelor degree by July 2010.
  • Students with a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) of 27/30
  • Graduates with a minimum final score of 100/110.

The procedure is based on a comparative selection of candidates. After a first evaluation of the titles, the candidates will be called for an interview.

Deadline: May 9th 2011.

Documents to be handled to Student Office – Segreteria Studenti:

  • Application form
  • One letter of recommendation in English
  • Motivation letter in English

For further information click here


Selection results will be communicated to candidates by LUISS e-mail few days after the interview. A back up lists will be set up in case the number of candidates will be superior to the slots available.

Students Services and Assistance

Students are supported by the program coordinators throughout all their preparation and stay abroad. Moreover, a tutor permanently placed in Shanghai will provide them a continuous assistance.

In particular, students will be assisted in the following:

  • Filling up and preparing all documents required for their formal acceptance at Fudan University and to get the Chinese VISA.
  • Finding an Accommodation, Logistics and Orientation in Shanghai.
  • Obtaining a Chinese student residence permit when in China.
  • Providing a network of companies operating in Asia and available to host students for a Summer internship.

Chinese language course

Students will be offered a Chinese language course during their year in Shanghai. The course will provide a basic knowledge of the local language and facilitate communication with persons outside the university campus.

Students Handbook


Academic coordinator: Prof. Giovanni Fiori – Email:

Vice academic coordinator: Prof. Francesca Di Donato – Email:

For any further information about the program please contact the programme coordinator:

Raffaella De Felice - Email   Tel.: 06 85 225975

Or come to the office

International Students Exchange Office – Scambi Internazionali Studenti

Viale Romania 32 - Palazzina B – Ground Floor

During office hours (10-12 from Monday to Friday and 15-16 on Tuesday and Thursday)

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