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LUISS Guido Carli



Attendance and exam

A written exam is held on the closing day of the academic program.

Full attendance at lectures and company visits is mandatory as they will provide the set of competencies needed to successfully pass the exams. 

Participants who attend 90% of both lectures and activities, and pass the exams, will receive a certificate of achievement.

Participants that do not pass the exams but have attended at least 80% of the lectures and activities will receive a certificate of attendance.

Complete agenda

Film Industry, the Italian Way agenda 2017

Cultural activities

Vatican Museums (TBC)

Founded in the early sixteenth century, the Vatican Museums display the inestimable art-collection gathered by the popes throughout the centuries. Among all of the masterpieces, certainly noteworthy is the world famous Sistine Chapel.

Vatican Film Library Archive

The Vatican Film Library was established on November 16, 1959, by Pope John XXIII with the objective of collecting and preserving films and recordings of television programs on the life of the Church. The archives contain around seven thousand catalogued titles, including historic films on the popes, Church events, commercial films of noteworthy interest and artistic value, and documentaries on current events.