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Luiss Guido Carli

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Russia and the EU: Threat or Opportunity?

7 marzo 2019 ore 15:00
Aula Polivalente Viale Romania 32, Roma

Debate Seminar organized by Luiss School of Government.
Russia is Europe’s greatest enigma. Opinions about Russian interests, intentions, geostrategic objectives and the resulting question how Europeans should face the country are a matter of anxious debate in recent years. Is Russia a Threat to the EU, especially to its eastern member states? Is it even undermining the EU from within, with pro-Russian protagonists like Viktor Orbàn and the rise of many populist movements across the continent? Or is it rather an Opportunity, forcing the EU to redefine its new role in world affairs and finally become an independent and cohesive political actor, a part from the numerous economic and commercial ties linking the two players? Is thinking Russia as the continuation of the Soviet Union a threat to the opportunities the country can offer to the EU?


Henry Sardaryan President of the School of Government and Politics, MGIMO Moscow
Igor Pellicciari Professor of International Relations, University of Urbino - Luiss
Frédéric Mérand Director of CERIUM, Montréal Center for International Studies