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Luiss Guido Carli

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Separation of powers within and beyond Europe. The evolution of a foundational concept

12 aprile 2019 ore 9:30
Aula AT013 Viale Pola 12, Roma
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Visiting professors and members of the faculty from the Departments of Law and Political Sciences join together in a discussion on a classic topic of public law: the separation of powers. Organized into two sessions, the first deals with the separation of powers within the EU context, and the second deals with new insights from international and comparative law.
Concluding remarks will be given by Professor Silvana Sciarra, Judge in the Constitutional Court of Italy.

Institutional Greetings
Antonio Punzi Luiss Department of Law
Nicola Lupo Luiss Department of Political Science

1st Session
Separation of powers in the EU context

Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella Luiss

Robert Schütze Durham Law School - Delegation of legislative power

Daniele Gallo LUISS

Antoine Vauchez Université Paris 1 - Pantheon Sorbonne - Independence and separation of powers: the case of the European Central Bank 

Marta Simoncini Luiss

Leonard F.M. Besselink University of Amsterdam - Courts protecting democracy? Restoring the “separation of parliaments” 

Nicola Lupo Luiss



2nd Session
New insights on separation of powers from international and comparative law

Raffaele Bifulco Luiss

Harm Schepel Kent University - Separation of powers and international investment adjudication

Filippo Fontanelli University of Edinburgh

Iain Cameron Uppsala University - Separation of powers in the practice of the ECtHR and the Venice Commission 

Giovanni Piccirilli Luiss

Antoni Abat Ninet University of Copenhagen - Separation of powers after the Arab Spring 

Cristina Fasone Luiss


Concluding Remarks
Silvana Sciarra Italian Constitutional Court

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