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Luiss Guido Carli

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Luiss Debates - Sustainability and Innovation

16 settembre 2019 ore 16:00
Luiss LOFT Viale Romania 32, Roma
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Luiss Debates are created to foster interaction between scholars and the business community, national and international institutions, and different social actors. Thus, by producing relevant and insightful knowledge that positively impacts the world, they promote social sciences as actionable disciplines that can translate theories into social and economic progress.

Over the past months, Luiss Debates have been held on topics such as leadership, artificial intelligence and the ethical implications of algorithms. On September 26th, Luiss will host another debate on issues that are key in the development of a better society: Innovation and Sustainability.

Giuseppe Italiano and Jeffrey Schnapp will share the stage and engage in a discussion on the future of urban design and its implications on mobility, with a specific focus on the work of Piaggio Fast Forward, a company that develops innovative products to encourage a healthy lifestyle and social connectivity.

Jeffrey Schnapp holds the Carl A. Pescosolido Chair in Romance Languages and Literatures and Comparative Literature in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and is on the teaching faculty in the Department of Architecture at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. He received his PhD in Comparative Literature from Stanford University, where he held various academic positions. He is a world-renowned expert in digital humanities, but his research interests span from knowledge design to codicology and from museums and libraries to the material history of literature, including Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio, 12th-14th-century Romance literatures, 20th-century Italian architecture and design, the fascist decades, the historical avant-gardes, radical pedagogies, the future of the book and curatorial practice as a form of scholarship. He is the author of twenty-five books and over two-hundred papers.

Giuseppe Italiano is Professor of Computer Science at Luiss. He holds a PhD from Columbia University. Most of his research is centered around the design, analysis and engineering of algorithms for big data sets, with applications to several areas, including graph theory, social network analysis, computer and network security, and computational biology. His background, which includes also a five-year experience in industrial research, puts him in a unique position to carry out work that combines basic research with strong focus on applications. In 2016 Giuseppe was nominated EATCS Fellow for his “fundamental contributions to the design and analysis of algorithms for solving theoretical and applied problems in graphs and massive data sets, and for his role in establishing the field of algorithm engineering”.

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