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Luiss Guido Carli

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Conference on the Theory and Pedagogy of Urban Law

8 novembre 2019 ore 9:00 - 9 novembre 2019 ore 16:00
Sala Consiglio Viale Pola 12, Roma
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First Day
Framing session: introducing the workshop substance and goals, agreeing on the content and methodology

Session 1
Urban law in comparison with related legal disciplines, in relation to other legal disciplines and lessons to learn from the urban dimensions of cognates disciplines

Session 2
Urban law as a mission-oriented discipline addressing the most daunting challenges cities are facing in the XXI century

The workshop concludes with the Luiss Debate "Urban Law, Innovation and Adequate Housing" (Luiss Campus, Via Parenzo)

Second Day (Luiss Campus, Viale Pola)
Session 3 - Urban law: principles, legal categories and tools. Is urban law public or private law?

Session 4 - Teaching urban law: co-designing a common syllabus and defining a canon

Wrap up session - Closing remarks, next steps, potential publication and a way forward