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Luiss Guido Carli

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Luiss Debates - Urban Law, Innovation and Adequate Housing

8 novembre 2019 ore 17:30
Aula Giovanni Nocco Via Parenzo 11, Roma
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In urban policy, especially European urban policies, the most critical issue is housing. The fundamental point around which we intend to shape the conversation is the need to offer the inhabitants of cities adequate housing to prevent cities from becoming exclusive or exclusionary places, or places left behind.  Above all, adequate housing aims to provide not only residential services but opportunities for redemption, development of one's own professionalism in the city, and the exercise of human and fundamental rights.
Luiss LabGov.City and Fordham Urban Law Center are hosting the First Workshop on the Theory and Pedagogy of the Urban Law.
One of the challenges this discipline should tackle is the provision of legal models enabling the financing of adequate housing in the city. Are cities already producing such models?
If so which cities are the most advanced on these legal and financial models?
Also, are these models characterized by an innovation in governance such as the involvement of social actors and inhabitants or is a technological, planning, industrial innovation that is enabling these new inclusive models? What can be the role of long-term investors?


Institutional greetings
Andrea Prencipe Luiss Rector
Antonio Punzi Luiss Full Professor of Media law

Raffaele Marchetti Luiss Professor of International Relations

Shams Asadi City of Wien "Vienna, City of Human Rights and the promotion of Right to Adequate Housing"
Gianluca Crispi UN Habitat "The role of urban law in advancing the right to housing and NUA"

Sorcha Edwards Housing Europe "The right to housing and the Eu Policy Framework"
Luca Montuori Deputy Mayor City of Rome "Housing, Sustainability and Innovation"
Luca Talluri Federcasa "The role of public housing agencies as real estate developers for inclusive cities"

In cooperation with Federcasa