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Call for International Chairs - Spring 2018, Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

LUISS faculty members from all departments may submit applications

image-7 Nov 2016 - 12:24pm

Please note the Call has been updated.

In accordance with the Global Engagement Strategy, LUISS Guido Carli promotes the exchange of its faculty members with its partner universitiesLUISS is accepting applications from internal units who would like to nominate outstanding international scholars and researchers for up to 15 International Chairs at LUISS Departments of:

  • Business and Management
  • Economics and Finance
  • Law
  • Political Science

The purpose of this program is to enhance academic cooperation (e.g. fostering students exchange, other scholars exchange, Double Degree, and joint research programs) between LUISS and other internationally renowned universities or research institutions, with priority to the ones in Benelux, China, France, Hong Kong, Russia, Scandinavia, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, UK, USA, Vietnam.

This call is subject to confirmation of funding for 2018 and 2019.


LUISS Professors, in accordance with their Departments/Schools, can apply for this call, indicating the proposed partner university. 

The faculty members organizing the exchange shall be responsible for nominating an incoming international chair and an outgoing LUISS professor (applicants can nominate themselves as outgoing professors). 

Applicants must also provide the following information with regard to the prospective holder of the international chair:

  • Name
  • CV
  • Activities: details of the teaching program
  • Period during which they would like to come to LUISS (Spring 2018 or Fall 2018 or Spring 2019)
  • How long they would like to stay

For the purpose of this call, the following are considered LUISS faculty members:

  • LUISS full professors
  • LUISS associate professors
  • LUISS researchers with teaching assignments

Prospective holders of international chairs are expected to:

  • Stay at LUISS for a minimum of two weeks to up to four weeks, but longer visits can be arranged under special circumstances
  • Give lectures and seminars which are fully consistent with the purpose of the program

In choosing the foreign University, applicants are asked to take into account not only the geographic areas as suggested by the GES, but the level of the current partnership with the foreign institution and the relevant procedure defining the partnership development as well. 

Please note that for each partner university only one International Chair may be accepted. 

With regard to reciprocity, the applicant will also need to provide name, CV, period (in accordance with their departments/schools) and other information for the prospective LUISS faculty member going to the partner university

The application should include all the information about the proposed holder of the international chair and of the proposed LUISS faculty member going to the partner university. Moreover, it should specify the teaching activity and partnership development plan, to be carried out and provide the related funding formula, according to specific agreements with the partner university.


A specific academic Commission will be created, in order to decide upon the selected candidates. The Commission will be chaired by the Deputy Rector, who will evaluate the applications together with the country leaders (or the Deans of the Departments).


International Chairs may be sponsored by the home institution or by the host institution.

The average salary from LUISS is as follows, depending on the length of mobility.

For LUISS professors

  • Junior: one-off payment of €1000/€2000 (gross) issues in the usual wage through “compenso da maggior impegno sul ruolo” + a maximum of € 1000 as reimbursement
  • Senior: one-off payment of €1500/€3000 (gross) issues in the usual wage through “compenso da maggior impegno sul ruolo” + a maximum of € 2000 as reimbursement

To receive the reimbursements professors must provide all the necessary proof of expenses, such as but not limited to: boarding pass and tickets receipts, hotel receipts, restaurant receipts, taxies, etc.

For incoming professors:

  • Junior: one single payment of maximum €2000/€3000 (gross)
  • Senior: one single payment of maximum €3,000/€5,000 (gross)

Please note that no further reimbursement is provided.

The senior level requires a minimum of 8 years of post-doctoral experience, or at least 8 years of full-time research experience after earning a degree allowing admission to a doctorate. The junior level requires less than 8 years of post-doctoral experience, or a maximum of 8 years of full-time research experience after earning a degree allowing admission to a doctorate.

Visiting periods at LUISS

  • Spring 2018: Mid-February – Mid-May 2018
  • Fall 2018: Mid-September 2018 – Beginning of December 2018
  • Spring 2019: Mid-February – Mid-May 2019

Important dates

  • November 3, 2017: publication of the call for applications
  • December 7, 2017: application deadline
  • Mid-February 2018: written communication regarding the selection results will be sent to all candidates

How to apply

Interested professors will submit, by the deadline indicated above, the following documents to

  • Application form
  • Program of the proposed activity
  • Curriculum Vitae of the proposed incoming professor
  • Curriculum Vitae of the proposed outgoing LUISS professor/researcher
  • Declaration of interest and authorization to the processing of personal data (also via email) by the proposed Incoming International Chair