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Luiss Guido Carli

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Luiss wins national and international research grants

In 2019, the University won nine national and four international grants


In 2019, Luiss won four international and nine national grants in all fields of social sciences.

PRIN (Research Projects of National Interest) is a financing program promoted by MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), with the following objectives:

  • offering financial assistance to research projects freely proposed by universities
  • promoting and cultivating systemic actions, encouraging interaction among the various actors in the national public research system, and between these and other national or international (public or private) research bodies.

Luiss PRIN projects are:

  • 2017 – Schivardi, Fabiano, Information, firm’s performance and workers’ careers
  • 2017 – Gozzi, Fausto, The Time-Space Evolution of Economic Activities: Mathematical Models and Empirical Applications
  • 2017 – Fasone, Cristina, The Constitutional Implications of European Separatist Claims
  • 2017 – Italiano, Giuseppe Francesco, AHeAD: efficient Algorithms for Harnessing networked Data
  • 2017 – Mattarella, Bernardo Giorgio, Administrative Reforms: Policies, Legal Issues and Results
  • 2017 – Melis, Giuseppe, Artificial Intelligence and Legal Studies Perspectives. Are the Algorithmic Decision-making Data Driven Predictions Calling for a New Legal Framework? A Focus on Financial and Labour Markets Highlighting Protection of Rights and Wealth Distribution
  • 2017 – Pellegrino, Gianfranco, Deceit and Self-deception. How We Should Address Fake News and Other Cognitive Failures of the Democratic Public
  • 2017 – Piccirilli, Giovanni, The Challenge of Interlegality: A New Perspective on Law
  • 2017 – Scarsini, Marco, Algorithms, Games and Digital Markets

Luiss projects receiving international awards are:

  • MISESpagnoletti, Paolo, Centro di Competenza ad alta specializzazione Cyber 4.0
  • INdAM, GNAMPA 2019 – Scarsini, Marco
  • Horizon 2020, Twinning WIDESPREAD 2018-03Giustiniano, Luca, EUFORPP: Developing a European Forum on Paradox and Pluralism
  • Horizon 2020, ERC Advanced GrantSchivardi, Fabiano, ISEProD, Industrial Structure and the European Productivity Growth Divergence