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Luiss Professor Alessandro Zattoni is a new board member of the International Corporate Governance Society

The society is a forum for scholars around the world


Luiss Professor Alessandro Zattoni has been elected as a board member of the International Corporate Governance Society (ICGS).

The ICGS mission is to provide a forum for corporate governance scholars throughout the world to interact in order to produce rigorous and relevant research, teaching and consulting that enhance corporate governance practices and systems within the global economy.

The organization pursues this mission by facilitating and sponsoring international academic conferences, doctoral consortiums, issue-focused symposiums, interdisciplinary research, awards to effective scholars, notices on academic positions and cutting-edge books, information on noteworthy national and international corporate governance developments, databases of firm - and national - level corporate governance indicators, as well as white papers on matters of public policy.

The group aims to be the academic society of choice for academics with an interest in research, teaching and consulting associated with corporate governance practices and systems.